Wine-ing Elves

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Wine-ing Elves is the final quest for the merchants in Mayhew. To receive this quest, you must have completed Grease Some Goblin Palm for the merchants.

note: This quest require 12 lvl or higher.

Summary and Walkthrough[edit]

After delivering the chest to the goblin rebel, return to the merchants headquarters to receive the next assignment. The merchant guild manager informs you that the elves have received numerous barrels of wine for an upcoming celebration. Out of enjoyment, he would like you to poke holes in those barrels to irritate the elves. The manager is also willing to give you a bonus if you complete the mission without being seen.

The goal is to sneak in the to the Elven Lounge. Heroes with sufficiently high artifice have a chance of sneaking in undetected. If successful, the holes will be poked and the mission is accomplished. If caught, you will be thrown out (and with it your bonus). Most heroes will want to purchase an Invisibility Gem to guarantee sneaking in to the lounge.

Return to receive your reward of 1200 gold (if not seen by the guards), or 600 gold (if seen by the guards). Be glad you did this quest series for 1200 gold, instead of fighting 4 goblin deathtowers for half that amount...