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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Winning difficult fights

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Winning difficult fights[edit]

Below is a subjective table that represents each classes' general weaknesses and strengths against monster types.

Keep in mind that the number of strengths/weaknesses do not reflect a class's total difficulty. These weaknesses usually can be overcome over time

  • Melee: melee monsters with decent Hand-to-hand and damage
  • Ranged: ranged monsters with decent Ranged and damage
  • Caster: spellcasters with decent Intelligence and offensive spells
  • Hard-hitter: monsters with a lot of damage and good accuracy
  • Poisoner: monsters with poisoned weapon ability
  • Stunner: monsters with Paralytic Gaze/Petrify/Entangle spells
  • Mobs: large group of monsters who can deal decent damage
  • High HP: monsters with enormous HP, prolonging the battle
  • Regenerate: monsters with regeneration ability
  • Armored: monsters with extremely well armor
  • Resistant: monsters with extremely high Magic Resist
  • Special: heroes may have special advantages for some cases. Charming Undead or Animals, Harm Undead spell, advantage of using invisibility is some examples given at the table

Classes Melee Ranged Caster Hard-Hitter Poisoner Stunner Mobs High HP Regenerate Armored Resistant Special
Adept Good Good Bad OK OK OK Good Good OK Good OK
Barbarian OK OK OK Good Bad OK OK Good Good Good Good
Cultist Good OK Bad OK Good Good Good OK Good OK Good Animals
Dwarf OK OK Good OK Good Good OK OK OK Good Good
Elf Bad Good OK OK Bad OK OK OK OK OK Good
Healer OK OK Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad OK Bad Undead
Gnome Good Good Good Bad Bad Bad OK Bad Bad Bad Good
Monk Good Good Good Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Good
Paladin Good Good OK Good OK OK OK OK OK Good OK Undead
Priestess OK Bad OK Bad Bad Bad OK OK Bad Good Bad Undead
Ranger Bad Good Bad Bad Bad Bad OK OK OK OK Good
Rogue OK OK Bad Bad Bad Bad OK OK OK OK Good
Solarus OK OK Bad OK Bad OK Good Good OK Good OK
Warrior OK OK Bad Good OK OK OK OK OK OK Good
WoD OK OK Bad Good Good OK Good Good Good Good Good Invisibility
Wizard OK Bad Good Bad Bad Bad Good Good Good Good Bad Invisibility


  • Melee -> Raise Parry and Armor as much as possible or kill in invisibility time
  • Ranged -> Raise Dodge and Armor as much as possible or kill in invisibility time
  • Caster -> Counter either with anti-magic gems and items that increase Magic Resist or invisibility buffs
  • Hard-Hitting-> Counter by maximizing parry/dodge or use of invisibility buffs
  • Poisoners-> Counter with healing aids or get the Aura of Health from the Dark Forest Castle Encounter
  • Stunners-> Counter with poison and regeneration buffs or invisibility buffs
  • Mobs -> Use items that grant spells/abilities damaging multiple enemies
  • High HP -> Increase damage as high as possible or substitute to a defensive combat
  • Regenerate-> Counter with poison and damage increase
  • Armored-> Counter with magic attacks or strength/damage-increasing buffs
  • Resistant -> Counter either with items and consumables that increase Intelligence or substitute to physical combat
  • Invisible enemies-> Counter with poison. Also note that Howl of Discord ability and Exploding Aura spell gained by Ring of Mighty Devastation and Ring of Mightier Devastation hits invisible units.

Enemies that all classes ought to beware of (and how to kill them back)[edit]

If you have trouble and you don't want to avoid a fight, use as many combat aids as possible.
Using Invisibility gems combined with a multiple-enemy-targeting attack (Lightning Storm Wand/Meteor Storm/Deathblast/attack multiple enemies ability etc.) is a generic solution to a lot of battles



These nasty little suckers are magic-users, magic resistant and regenerators (with high Dodge/Parry and poison immunity to boot). Also they tend to appear together with other flavours of Lesser Undead who act as a meat shield for them. Unless you can consistently deal 20 damage per round against them or have good magic resistance, these guys are impossible to kill. Low-level heroes can afford to ignore them entirely, high-level heroes with good MGR should win most fights with them. Exceptions: Dwarfs and Wizards will rip them apart with a few Anti-Magic Gems and the Priestess can simply charm them.


Regenerators, Armored, Hard-hitters, High HP, generally difficult for everyone and usually inevitable to fight. When fighting them, pull out all of the stops. Use Invisibility Gems, Healing Potions, enhancement potions and poisons.


Greater Gorgons[edit]

Summoners, Stunners, Magic-resistant. Little bastards really love to stun you, and in groups of two, can potentially keep you tied down forever. Magic resistance is key to killing them fast. Make sure you have 150 MGR or so and don't forget to use Anti-Magic Gems. Since they are mostly encountered with other serpentlings it is nice to have some decent armor. Also prepare poison and regeneration as well. You're going to need something while you're stunned!

  • Heroes with limited accuracy (Hand-to-Hand or Ranged) and low damage will have a hard time against Gorgon packs. So you also need to raise offensive stats or AoE spells like Sun Scorch, Windstorm, Stoneshredder, Lightning Storm or Inferno
  • When petrified your dodge and parry will be useless; so your only defense is your armor stat. Also you will not be able to cast critical defensive spells like Stone Skin, Iron Will or Aura of Peace when petrified or using healing aid; so spell reliant heroes like Monk and Healer will have hard time


DaemonwoodPortrait.gif Elderwood.jpg
Same as before, except that now they come in mobs with lots of backup in the form of Strangleweeds, Golems, and/or Elderwoods. Again, pull out all of the stops and don't be afraid to run away. Heavily armored heroes should be able to eliminate normal Daemonwood mobs easily.


RockGolemPortrait.gif BogGolem.jpg Ice Golem.jpg Tundra Golem.jpg SandGolemPortrait.jpg
Armored, Hard-hitters, High HP, sometimes regenerating and mobs. Similar to Daemonwoods but harder to kill due to ridiculous amount of armor. Like Daemonwoods, you often must fight them for quests and advanced items. Your difficulty may vary according to your approach. Best approach to Golems is high HP and damage output and lots of healing items.

Strangleweed plants[edit]

FloweringStrangweedPortrait.gif DeathWeed2.jpg DeathWeed3.jpg DeathWeed5.jpg
Ranged, mob, hard-hitting poisoners. The normal type: only unarmored classes ought to fear and even then, those classes have no trouble with them at high levels. However, the black death and blue spore varieties can really cause a headache. It's best to avoid them unless you are raiding a lair or quest. They can easily bypass any armor, except perhaps a fully-decked Warrior, and poison immunity isn't going to save you from Sporeweeds. Counter these vegetables with invisibility, high Dodge and high HP.

Evil Oculus[edit]

EvilOculusPortrait.gif GreaterOculusPortrait.jpg
Stunners, Magic-Resistant, Magic Users. If you are unprepared, they will easily reduce you to a pulpy mess. The only way to beat them is to use lots of Invisibility Gems and a powerful attack or lots of MGR-increasing items and consumables, after which they will fall fairly easily. In either case, don't use magic unless you are confident you can pierce their formidable MGR.

Dark Knight and/or Shadow Thief[edit]

DarkKnightPortrait.jpg ShadowThiefPortrait.jpg
The Dark Knight is Hard-hitting, Magic-User, High HPs, Armored. The Shadow Thief is Invisible, Hard-hitting and Poisoning. Don't bother fighting them, as they just don't give out enough XP and gold to be worth the damage sustained. Only if you can already crush anything else in the forest with ease should you consider fighting them to be worth your while.


DragonPortrait.gif Hydra.jpg IceDragon.jpg
Ranged, Armored, Hard-hitting. They are mostly avoidable, but if you must fight them, stock up on all sorts of combat aids, as usual. Dragon mobs are obviously insanely hard to kill unless you combine invisibility gems with the ability to hit multiple enemies. Use Invisibility Gems if you're not already capable of it naturally. In addition, Dragons attack on Round 0 before you have a chance to attack, so it's highly suggested that you get items that boost your DODGE capabilities (Varg Beard Rings, some special enchantments, Dryad Potion (DOD +35) and items socketed with Varg Beard Rings.


Dark Forest Paladin Keep[edit]

PaladinF.gif Monk.gif OR Priestess.gif WoD.gif VampirePortrait.gif
This fight can go one of two ways. You take on Hard-Hitting, Armored, Magic Resistant, High HPs (Paladin/Monk) or take on Hard-Hitting, Magic Resistant, Magic-Using(Priestess/WoD/Vampire). Sometimes you'll have a choice between the two. Generally, I found the Paladins and Monks to be slightly easier.
There will be six waves of fighting, so stock up on healing aids and other consumables accordingly. Either way, you'll need the "generic solution": 2 Invisibility Gems and a spell/attack that can wipe out multiple enemies at once (Lightning Storm Wands for classes that don't already have it). The WoDs, Monks and Priestesses shouldn't be much of a threat in the face of such spells/attacks, as they'll die before invisibility runs out. The Vampires and Paladins are the real threat. Thus, bring high MGR (against Vamps) or high Armor/Parry for us against Paladins.

Flesh Hunters[edit]

FleshHunter.jpg FHshamanA.jpg RrongolPortrait.gif
Magic resistant, High HP, Hard-hitting, Regenerators, Armored, Mobs, Poisoning. Shamans are also Stunners and Magic-Users. These lizard-like beasts, are, in brief, nightmares. They are nearly impossible to kill without some serious combat aids. Even then it's an ordeal. When fighting the Flesh tribe, keep the following in mind:

  • If using magic, use Invisibility Gems and have a powerful attack that hits multiple enemies (preferably Meteor Storm, Deathblast, or Ring of Mighty Devastation. The more and higher level the better. Also, use Medusa Potions. A Medusa-buffed intelligence of 93 is generally not enough for a Wizard to take down a Flesh Hunter pack; you have been warned. Classes other than Wizards and Priestesses should NOT use magic against the Flesh tribe unless they are very confident.
  • If using physical attacks, equip poison to counter their regenerative abilities and make sure you have, at the bare minimum, 80 H2H or Ranged (you can never have enough accuracy).
  • Only high-level Rogues, Wizards, Priestesses and WoDs with schematic weapons can rely solely on sheer damage. Just pack some invisibility gems and let loose.
  • The Flesh tribe's H2H skills and intelligence are limited. At 220 Parry, you are immune to Flesh Hunter attacks; at 240 Parry, to Flesh Reaper attacks; and at 140-150 MGR, to Flesh Hunter Shaman spells. These numbers are easy for Paladins, Monks and Adepts to attain and without venturing into too much high-level gear. Also, Dryad Potion brings out the maximum effect in the Circlet of Lycanthropy, and Silverhide Boots are superior to War Chargers if you're aiming for damage immunity.
  • Gnome Champions can reach damage immunity (use Elf Beard Rings only), but suffer from a limited ability to do damage. Equipping the Golem Fist or Champion Blade + poison may be advisable.
  • Healers do not need to reach damage immunity except against Flesh Shaman magic, but definitely needs H2H over 100; Parry over 130 is also advisable. Golem Fist or Dagger of Valour are musts for them to avoid stalemates or running out of Anti-Magic Gems.
  • Other melee classes won't achieve damage immunity in the Sunken City (or will have a hard time doing so). However, if you're only looking in certain prizes exclusive to the Sunken City, you only need to deal with the Ruined Building encounter, guarded by 3 to 5 Bog Golems (~100 H2H), which should be possible for low-parry classes to beat by using 3 stacks of Invisibility Gems, a stack of Gems of Fiery Doom, a stack of Lightning Storm Wands, Medusa Potion and Bandanna of Thought Stimulation.
  • ... but the cash rewards in Sunken City are quite fantastic if you can achieve immunity to the Flesh tribe's attacks.
  • If you aren't damage immune in Sunken City, either through invisibility plus high damage or through parry prowess, expect your visit to be expensive in consumables.

Battle of the Plains[edit]

You'll have to face a wide variety of monsters. Everyone has their different method of fighting the BotP, but some strategies are fairly common:

  • You'll need magic resistance of at least 125 (150 if you want a chance at beating the Flesh tribe random wave), not including spell-based magic resistance.
  • You'll need to deal with a lot of Monsters at once. Some classes (all Wizards, Solari and WoDs, also Priestesses, Adepts and Rogues with their Schematic Items) naturally are capable of this, others need multiple Lightning Storm Wands or the Ring of Mighty Devastation. The Wind Storm/Sun Scorch blessings from the Lunord/Helia Temples also help.
  • Get as many potions and temple blessings as possible. At least 30 turns' worth of either Bless/Vigilance (and Stoneskin if you're uncomfortable with your armor, e.g. if you're a Monk or Gnome) or Illusionary Hero, as well as some resurrections/reanimations/revives. For potions, Regeneration for everyone, Dryad (or Minotaur) and Dirgo Strength for Melee Fighters, Medusa for Spellcasters (and to help low-armor/low-damage heroes such as Gnomes blast their way through the Gorgon wave), and Fire Balm, Dryad and Dirgo Strength for ranged.
  • Dodge of 110+, Invisibility Gems and Lightning Storm Wands will make Dragon waves trivial.
  • Poison deals insignificant damage, given that most waves will either be dead or have killed you in the time that it takes for poison to rack up significant damage.
  • Invisibility Gems can be helpful, and are essential to Spellcasters.
  • Healing items are very helpful but sometimes optional. Use your discretion.
  • Visit the above sections of this guide to find out how to deal with specific waves.
  • Most of East Cheswick is closed during the battle royale, but you can make use of the Royal Gardens or the Outpost's refreshment (if you're a member already) if you need a small boost.

Late Game[edit]


SandReaverPortrait.jpg FireReaverPortrait.jpg TerrorAbominationPortrait.jpg
Strong Mobs, some are Magic Resistant and Magic Users. Don't even think of taking them on unless you have a spell or weapon attack that can hit multiple enemies. Invisibility Gems are a must as well if you want to avoid getting ganged up upon. Heroes with high defense statistics may fight them normally, but 225 parry, 225 dodge and 120 MGR is required for immunity against a Sand/Fire Reaver pack.

Thallis Heroes and monsters[edit]

You thought the Flesh Hunters were hard? Sure, Looters and lesser undead in the Graveyard are easy pickings, but that's about it in Thallis. Almost all heroes in Thallis are optional fights, so if you can't handle it, don't sweat it. Most classes, if properly prepared, should have an easy time getting to their class-specific loot.

  • In general, make sure you have a lot of high-level gear, don't use offensive spells if you lack high intelligence, and poison barely helps. Do, however, pack a LOT of Invisibility Gems (perhaps also AMGs) and healing items. Wizards, Priestesses, Monks, Healers, Paladins, Adepts and Gnomes, if properly prepared, have a relatively easier time with Thallis. If you can hit 280 parry (don't be afraid to use Bless and Vigilance), almost all melee fights will be a cinch.
  • Thallis Rogues, Rangers, Elves

Rouge.gif Ranger.gif Elf.gif
- These guys really hurt, even with Invisibility Gems, especially since Dodge can be hard to come by for some classes. They are, however, relatively fragile, and will go down easily if you can withstand the arrows or kill them before invisibility runs out.

  • Thallis Priestesses, Wizards, Dark Phantoms

Priestess.gif Wizard.gif DarkPhantomPortrait.jpg
- Around 210 MGR is an absolute must if you don't want to die horribly to Wizards and Priestesses, and Dark Phantoms require 270 MGR for immunity... But if you can hit those numbers, they should splatter easily.

  • Thallis Solari, Adepts

Solarusportrait.gif Adept.gif
- These heroes have mediocre magic resistance and defenses, but require careful planning to defend against since they pack both powerful melee and magic attacks.

  • Thallis Warriors of Discord

- Not much in the way of magical or physical defenses. However they have high HP coupled with Poison Immunity and deal very high amounts of damage (210~220 HTH, Howl of Discord, Critical Hit). Although avoidable by not entering at Warriors Guild, you may still encounter them at random fights (like Outpost or Embassy)

  • Thallis Cultist and Healers

Cultist.gif HealerF.gif
- They heal a lot and occasionally get in a good hit, but should go down relatively easy if you can deal a lot of damage. They are, however, never found alone, and you should be prepared to take down other flavors of Thallis heroes if you're around them.

  • Thallis Warriors

- Extremely well-armored. They go down relatively easily to spells, but if you're relying on physical damage, you must have at least 40 points of damage (including strength bonuses), a Golem Fist or a Golem Sledge to take them down. Poison also helps for increasing damage and preventing heal at Temple to Agrela fights.

  • Thallis Dwarves

- Thallis Dwarves are the most magic-immune opponent you will ever face. They also have high armor and deal amazing damage, so it is recommended you skip them unless you're a Dwarf and need the loot. In that case, maximize your melee damage output.

  • Thallis Gnomes

-You absolutely need high H2H, Ranged or Intelligence to defeat them, but they go down surprisingly fast if you can consistently hit them. They still pack a decent punch though, so don't get complacent.

  • Thallis Barbarians

- Barbarians pack a ridiculous amount of melee damage (including critical hits), and aren't too easy to take down. It is recommended that you avoid them unless you can kill them within invisibility time or achieve 250 parry.

  • Thallis Monks and Paladins

Monk.gif PaladinF.gif
-They are rather magic resistant, and will give and take a large amount of physical damage, but those are the only obstacles to defeating them. Monk and Paladin heroes shouldn't have much difficulty obtaining the 280 Parry required for melee immunity.

  • Sewers-
  • Graveyard-

Krolm's Anvil[edit]

For Evil occulus and Greater Oculus encounters note that Evil Oculi are first in line and Greater Oculus do not cause paralysis, so only 130 MGR is needed to prevent paralysis.

For mellee and ranged heroes, poison is almost essential for Flesh Scavenger/ Flesh Scavanger Shaman encounters. Note that the MGR needed to resist Flesh Scavanger Shaman chain-paralyctic gaze may be less than the ~240 MGR needed to resist its other spells as it is a lower level spell.