Witch King Ruins

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Witch King Ruins.

The Witch King Ruins can be found within the Dark Forest.

In-game description: Climbing down into the depths of this crumbling tower is made easy by the rope-like webs that cover the walls. In fact, it may very well be the webs that are holding these ruins together!

Note: while travelling through this location, a hero has his HTH, RAN, DOD & PAR lowered by 10.

Creature Inhabitants[edit]

Events and Encounters[edit]

  • Ruin Tunnels - hero's stats are back to normal there.
  • Abandoned Spider cocoon. Gives (50-200) gold or items like
Lvls 2-4 Weapons, Finder Longbow, Holy Dagger, Crossbow of Accuracy
Lvls 2-4 Armor, Wizards Robe, Medusa Mail
Clan-emblazoned Small Shield, Clan-emblazoned Large Shield
Headband of Prescience, Bandanna of Thought Stimulation, Dwarven Headband, Iron Skull Cap
Belt of Tenacity, Greater Belt of Tenacity, Belt of Balance
Spellcasting Gloves
Amulet of Teleportation, Lesser Amulet of Iron Will
Ring of Might, Gold Clover Ring, Spider Beard Ring
Elixir of Health


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