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Female Wizard a.k.a. Witch

The Wizards of Ardania dwell in enchanted guild halls where they study and refine their battle magic. A lifetime of researching the arcane often leaves them easily distracted and detached from the details of everyday life.

Class Profile

Temples Accepted: All.
Armor type: Robes.
Weapon type: Staves.
Primary Stat: INT
XP required to Level-Up: 2000

Starting Values 2-7 5-10 26-31 18-23 5-10 25 0 25 15 15 35 4

Spells and Abilities[edit]

Spells: Unique spells for wizards include those learned automatically and spells purchased from the library only available to wizards


  • Spell Casting (begins with this ability)


Wizards have a difficult start since their defenses are extremely weak. They will therefore need Followers to absorb damage and 'tank' for them while they increase in power. Skeletons from the Temple to Krypta are an excellent choice, easily obtained from about 10 turns of prayer each. Normally, Followers leech XP for the damage they deal, which makes them unattractive. However, because of the Wizard's high offensive power, Followers leech very little experience in most fights...even with a full 'zoo' of 9 Followers. They are extremely valuable in encounters against magic resistant foes, ranged foes that can attack on the first round of combat, and against tougher foes that do not fall in the initial barrage the wizard drops.

Once the first six hero levels have been surmounted, the Wizard becomes one of the most powerful classes for a good portion of the game. The obvious power of the Wizard lies in his or her destructive spells which only become more powerful as the hero's intelligence rises with every other level. In particular, the Meteor Storm spell is able to attack every enemy while running "in the background", effectively allowing the Wizard to attack with two spells in a single combat round. As such, the Wizard is able to safely destroy of large quantities of enemies within just a few rounds of combat. While weaker enemies fall in seconds, the low initial defense values, the lack of quality armor, and the dearth of health makes the Wizard very vulnerable to more powerful melee opponents such as Bog Golems and Flesh Hunters.

Over the long run, this deficiency can be essentially removed as equipment improves and HP increases. A few opponents with high magic resistance, such as Dryads, Medusae, and Phantom Stalkers are natural obstacles for Wizards and at times might force Wizards to fight hand-to-hand in order to bypass their magic defense. These opponents can ultimately be overcome by spellpower as the character's Intelligence stat increases to a sufficiently high amount.

Moving toward the later stages, as the character enters the Desolate Wastelands area, the strength of the Wizard is somewhat halted due to the presence of monsters with even more magic-resistance. Some of these monsters are exceptionally difficult to defeat due to the lack of high intelligence-boosting items available to the Wizard in the late game.

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