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Wizards Guild

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A Common Wizards Guild

The Wizards Guild (located in Valmorgen and Lormidia) can enchant the weaponry and armour of heroes, sells various magical items and can learn non-spellcasters the ability to cast spells, which can then be bought from the Library in Valmorgen.

Learning Spellcasting

Heroes that do not have the ability to cast spells can learn it at the Wizards Guild. An Intelligence of 11 or higher is required to learn spellcasting. A hero can train intelligence at the Library in Valmorgen.

Enchanting Weapons

Both Wizards Guilds allow heroes to enchant their weapons and armor to +3 from the start of the game. Enchanted weapons do more damage and enchanted armor gives extra protection - not just an increase in armor, but also an extra protection against critical hits. The bonus of an item is shown as a +x behind the armor/damage stat (they are not added in the yellow number like other bonuses to these statistics). The Lormidia Wizard Guilds allows a Hero to upgrade their weapons and armors to +4 after completing the Ascend the Wizard's Tower Quest.

From unenchanted to +1: 200 gold
From +1 to +2: 400 gold
From +2 to +3: 800 gold
From +3 to +4: 1600 gold

Magic Items

The Wizards Guild sells the following items to heroes:

Potion of Monster Detection (60 gold) (allows a hero to spot monsters, before they attack)
Invisibility Gem (400 gold) (turns hero invisible for 5 rounds of combat, holds 10 charges. Can only be used once in combat.)
Wand of Lightning Bolt (400 gold) (Causes 16-35 points of damage to a single opponent. Holds a maximum of 10 charges.)
Anti-Magic Gem (500 gold) (Increases Magic Resistance by 90 for 4 rounds in combat. Holds a maximum of 10 charges.)
Wand of Lightning Storm (1600 gold) (Causes 8-25 damage to all opponents for 4 rounds in combat. Holds a maximum of 5 charges.)


The Trial of Venn's Spire
Only applies to the Wizards Guild in Valmorgen.
Once you have obtained the quest from the Valmorgen City Gates, Valmorgen's Wizards Guild will offer you a teleport to Venn's Spire where you will be teleported to Venn's Spire.
Warning: Once you're at Venn's Spire, you cannot leave the area until the completion of the quest.